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Known for its 80 years of expertise, Epeda is the reference on the French bedding market. The brand develops products that are traditionally meant for the high-end market. Epeda’s essence finds itself in a fine mixture of craft and state-of-the-art technology, allowing the sleep to become a multisensory experience.
Epeda has many technology patents such as the “multi-actif” (technology which combines suspension springs with zoned absorbers) and the “multi-air”pocket springs enhancing air regeneration).

The brand’s products can be distinguished by their workmanship’s quality: cushioning, stitching, elegant braiding and noble materials are Epeda’s trademarks. The development and manufacture are based at Criquebeuf-sur-Seine (Normandy), in a factory at the cutting edge of technology.

Epéda has also a quality service, which will accompany you in your choice of mattresses or any other bedding accessories, and will help you to have the best sleeping experience.

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